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«Voprosy filosofii i psikhologii» – Humanities Research Journal.

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Publication frequency – issued 2 times a year.

Issued from 1889.

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AuthorArticle titleYear, issueDownloadings count
1He Shuqing[Китай (КНР)], Jin Jianren[Китай (КНР)]Beauty and Science: Art and Aesthetics Between the Orient and West2015, March1344
2Feliks V. Lazarev[Россия], Sergey A. Lebedev[Россия]Philosophical Reflection: Its Essence, Forms, and Types2015, March1289
3Sergey A. Lebedev[Россия]The Problem of the Induction2015, March1260
4Sergey A. Lebedev[Россия]To the Issue of New Epistemology: Imitating B. Latour2014, December1220
5Viktor V. Ilyin[Россия]Sociality and Truth: the Problem of Interpenitration. Part 12015, June1169
6Boris L. Gubman[Россия]Inductive Method and its Role in Scientific Knowledge A Review. S.А. Lebedev. Metodologia nauki: problema inductsiji. М.: Al'fa-М, 2013. 192 p.2015, March1138
7Victor A. Svetlov[Россия]Dialectics: Modern Perspectives of Development2015, March1108
8Omomia O. Austin[Нигерия], Omomia T.A.[Нигерия]The Relationship Between Teacher Evaluation and Teacher Effectiveness: a Study of Five Selected Schools in Education District in Lagos State2014, September1106
9Aleksandr I. Subetto[Россия]Noospheric Humanities2014, December1097
10Y.В. Chastokolenko[Россия], K.О. Kotikova[Россия]Youth Subcultures as a Sphere of Communicative Process Synthesis in Transcultural, Transreligious and Transpersonal Scale2014, September1081

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